1966 Plymouth Fury – Restoration

1966 Plymouth after being restored by Dave's Panel Worx

The owner of the Plymouth is a classic car collector. He had bought the Plymouth off an importer but it had unfortunately seen better times and needed a lot of work. The car was a good base one for restoration as it was from California and had very little corrosion in it. The car was…

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Suzuki Swift – Respray

Suzuki Swift resprayed to add stripes

The owner was a teenage girl whose parents had bought her the car. While it was in the shop for a repair, the girl’s Dad asked Dave whether he could make the car look a bit different. Once the repairs were complete, Dave consulted with the owner and her Dad and they decided they wanted…

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Nissan 240Z Coupe – Restoration

Nissan 240Z after being restored by Dave's Panel Worx

The couple that own this car brought it to us as it had massive panel damage and corrosion issues. They commissioned a full restoration. We removed the paint and took it down to bare metal and repaired all of the damage and corrosion. Then we epoxy primed it, did fill work, epoxy again, high fill…

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1996 Hyundai Sonata – Respray

Hyundai Sonata after being resprayed

This is our Courtesy Car. We bought this off Jenny’s sister (one lady owner!) and as it only had minor damage, Dave resprayed it to make it look fresh and new. We wanted an economical but comfortable car to give to our customers. Doors, boot and bonnet were removed, minor scuffs were repaired, then the…

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2013 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster – Respray

Harley Davidson motorbike after being resprayed

This bike was a repossessed bike from the US. It had been imported and converted to Australian standards by a dealer. It only had 19 kilometres on the odometer, which were checked and confirmed as genuine. The owner didn’t want a full black Harley, and was looking for something to stand out, but not be…

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