Suzuki Swift resprayed to add stripes
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Suzuki Swift – Respray

The owner was a teenage girl whose parents had bought her the car. While it was in the shop for a repair, the girl’s Dad asked Dave whether he could make the car look a bit different.

Once the repairs were complete, Dave consulted with the owner and her Dad and they decided they wanted racing stripes on the car. Dave advised that the best way to achieve this look was to paint the stripes over the whole car from front to rear, and then clear coat over them.

It was a particularly challenging job as all of the stripes needed to line up from the stripes on the front bumper over the whole car to the stripes on the rear bumper. Not many racing stripes include the bumpers. Dave then clear coated over all of the panels and bumpers that had the stripes painted onto them. This gave the black Suzuki Swift a completely different look, making it stand out.

The owner was completely stoked, and so was her Dad!