Give your car or bike a new look


Respraying a car is when the exterior of a car with minor or no damage, rust or dents is re-painted. You might respray a car to change the paint colour, freshen up if the exterior is looking tired, or personalise to make it one of a kind.

More for the modern car, this can completely change the look of your vehicle. With so many paint colours and finishes to choose from, including flat, metallic, pearl, and matt, the hardest part is choosing how you would like it to look. We also offer custom paint colours with choices of pinstripes and decals.

Prices depend on the work required. We can do a basic respray to update your vehicle, especially if it is mechanically sound but the exterior is letting it down. Or we can also respray with all the bells and whistles.

We offer expert advice on colours and effects to personalise your vehicle to make it something you want to show off!

Respray Project - 1996 Hyundai Sonata

We wanted an economical but comfortable car for our customers to use while we repair their cars. The opportunity came up to purchase this car from Jenny’s sister – one lady owner! And it has proven to be a great loan vehicle for our customers to use.

Doors, boot and bonnet were removed, minor scuffs were repaired, then the whole car was scuffed then masked up. The colour was chosen – Holden Perfect Blue. This colour was named after Peter “Perfect” Brock. Then Dave resprayed the whole vehicle. It has come up a treat!

Daves Panel Worx courtesy car before respraying Daves Panel Worx courtesy car before respraying

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