Lets get you back on the road


Had a car accident? We can help.

We offer high quality repairs to vehicle structure, panel and paint damage incurred in an accident.

We can repair a complete range of vehicles from family sedans, 4X4s, utes, people movers and motorbikes. Whether severe or minor damage, we have the technology, experience and skills to return your car back to the specifications of the manufacturer.

How do we repair smashed vehicles?

As part of our smash repair process we will:

  • repair and/or replace the bodywork
  • repair and/or replace any parts
  • check your car’s computer system with our Automotive Scan Tool to check if there are further unseen issues
  • colour match your car and refinish the paintwork to our exacting standards in our environmentally friendly CMC Spray Booth.


Progress of a job infographic

We are able to repair any age vehicle, however your insurance company will decide whether it is economical or safe to repair. Normally a vehicle will be written off at 70% of Market Value.

When you drop off your car to us please bring your Claim Number and Insurance Company name.

We help make insurance approvals smooth

We work for all insurance companies and through our partner software we’re able to upload all quotes for repair to be assessed by your insurance company.
Insurance Software Systems that we use:

  • ORM
  • Audabridge
  • Estimage
  • PNET

On average 90% of Insurance companies assess repair quote via desktop (not personally inspecting the vehicle). To ensure this process proceeds as smoothly and quickly as possible, we upload all photos, data and a fully itemised quote to your Insurer through our state of the art software iBodyshop. This means that there is no need to wait for an assessor to come to the workshop as they have everything they need. The Quote is assessed from the information that we have provided and approval given with a very quick turnaround.

Our aim is to return your vehicle back to you as soon as possible in the best condition possible. Ideally, you want it to look like your vehicle was never in an accident in the first place.

Got a question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – If I make a claim through my insurance company, can I choose you to fix my car?

Q – If I am not at fault, i.e. someone else has hit me, can I choose you to fix my car?

Q – Who pays the excess and when does it need to be paid?

Q – How long will it take to fix my car?

Q – Do you have a courtesy car?

Q – Can you colour match to new metallic cars?

Q – Are your repairs covered by a warranty?

Q – How can I pay for my repairs, what options do you have?

Client feedback...

Metallic red paintwork that has been colour matched

"As a business we have been working with Dave’s Panel Worx and were impressed the honesty and business ethics. So when one of our vehicles, a brand new Kia Stinger GT, had an argument with a caravan it was only natural to get Dave and the team to repair the car. Dave helped me navigate the insurers and took the pain away from the insurance approval process, saving our business valuable time. As for the repair itself, as the car was only a few months old we wanted it back looking like new. The work was to an excellent standard and the car looked like it did when we drove it out of the showroom. As for the service, the Dave’s Panel Worx team offered a friendly personal and professional service, scheduling the repair around our hectic business requirements. The communication was fantastic throughout the journey and we would highly recommend Dave’s Panel Worx."

Neil Betts  |  In2 Project Management