Technology and skill get great results


Automotive paint colour matching is our specialty – and our Automotive Spectrophotometer is just the tool to getting it right!

When you come to us for repairs after a crash, you want your car or motorbike back in the best condition possible. Ideally, you want it to look like your vehicle was never in an accident in the first place.

A significant part of the post-accident repair process is ensuring a seamless paint job without requiring the entire vehicle to be repainted. This means that paint matching must be a top priority. While you may have a good idea of the base colour of the vehicle, matching that colour identically is virtually impossible without the use of modern technology. This is where our Spectrophotometer is an essential tool.

We take a reading of your vehicle with our Spectro, and this feeds into our baslac® computerised paint system.

This ensures that we get a 95-98% colour match on every job.

Our Paint System baslac® offers you an overall modern solution to do all refinishing jobs on the car quickly and with best results. As part of BASF, a leading global manufacturer, baslac® provides reliable colour competence and excellent product quality.