Harley Davidson motorbike after being resprayed
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2013 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster – Respray

This bike was a repossessed bike from the US. It had been imported and converted to Australian standards by a dealer. It only had 19 kilometres on the odometer, which were checked and confirmed as genuine.

The owner didn’t want a full black Harley, and was looking for something to stand out, but not be too blingy. She saw a car with a colour she liked and took a photo.

With Dave’s colour matching software he was able to present her with a number of paint colour options. Dave thought that a subtle stripe would look good and he tested a number of different thicknesses and spacing with colour options.

The owner decided on a metallic silver stripe and the turquoise blue colour scheme.

The bike was taken apart and left on the motorbike lift. The tank and front and rear fenders were prepared and painted with the silver first. Then the stripes were masked up and the primary turquoise was painted on. Then the masking for the stripes was removed and the primary turquoise colour was made into a semi-transparent paint. A further four coats were painted over the whole lot. This has the effect of altering the silver stipes into a ghost stripe. Two coats of clear were painted onto the stripe area, immediately followed by three more coats of clear to create a unique look.

Reassembled and back to the owner within one week from start to finish – owner very happy!