1966 Plymouth after being restored by Dave's Panel Worx
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1966 Plymouth Fury – Restoration

The owner of the Plymouth is a classic car collector. He had bought the Plymouth off an importer but it had unfortunately seen better times and needed a lot of work. The car was a good base one for restoration as it was from California and had very little corrosion in it.

The car was taken apart completely including all of the glass being taken out and all of the interior.

All the older paint was stripped off to bare metal. There were only two rust repairs that needed to be completed in the lower quarter panel sections.

The panels were all repaired and prepared, and then painted in the original colour, however with modern paint with clear over base for the longevity of the car, and the look.

We engaged a motor trimmer to re-upholster all of the seats and sent away all of the chrome parts to be re-furbished.

Then the Plymouth was reassembled. We then found two issues.

  1. The chrome plater had lost an intricate part, so Dave manufactured a new part in chrome with our on-site design software and machinery.
  2. The rear right-hand window mechanism had failed and a replacement part was unable to be sourced. Dave with his engineering background designed a replacement and a local engineering firm made up the parts. So now the car was complete.

The Plymouth now has pride of place in the owner’s collection.