Nissan 240Z after being restored by Dave's Panel Worx
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Nissan 240Z Coupe – Restoration

The couple that own this car brought it to us as it had massive panel damage and corrosion issues. They commissioned a full restoration.

We removed the paint and took it down to bare metal and repaired all of the damage and corrosion. Then we epoxy primed it, did fill work, epoxy again, high fill primed and then painted. Utilising this method ensures that the filler is not put onto bare metal which optimises corrosion prevention and maximises the longevity of the restoration.

All products are compatible and are applied to manufacturer’s specifications thus ensuring manufacturer’s warranty. This is our standard and preferred restoration method.

With the paint colour, Dave used his spectrometer and got the original colour and paint formula for it. He sprayed out a test card, but the owner was not 100% happy. With consultation with Dave and using our paint system he was offered a range of choices and he chose a custom formula similar to his original, but with more pop. Dave used about 50 litres of paint for this Nissan.

This is a rare car with a unique colour. The owners are extremely happy and it is now their daily drive.